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The Peace Not War double CD raising funds for the anti-war movement was released in 2002. As the band "Gurlfiend", singer/songwriter Anna Chen and guitarists Charles Shaar Murray and Martin Anthony contributed a track called "Spark of Life".

Other artists on the CDs:

Ani Difranco; Public Enemy; Chumbawamba; Ms Dynamite; Alabama 3; Fun<da>mental; Crass; Billy Bragg; Massive Attack; Nitin Sawney; Bindi Blacher; Sia; Coldcut; Pok and the Spacegoats; John Lester; Mudd Family; Persian Carpets; Asian Dub Foundation (remix); Midnight Oil; DJ Disorientalist; Ginger Tom; Sieze The Day; Torben and Joe; Lazlo Beckett; Roots Manuva; GM Baby; Change; The Mark of Cain; The Unpeople; Slovo

Peace Not War CD Jukebox (select Hi-Fi or Lo-Fi, select More Rock & Punk -> scroll down to Anna Chen and click for Gurlfiend -> Spark of Life)


Spark of Life

What was the spark of creation
That made you my relation
From the first sign of life on Planet Earth?
What heat, what fire
What light inspires
Across the universe?
It tumbles on through different shells
From heads of state to amoeba cells

I was suckled on a mountain range
I've watched the constellations change
The spark of life in an endless chain
Is running through my veins

I might never meet you
But you love and play and eat, too
Something that the brutalised forget
In a world grown cold
One heart, one soul
Is a dream you never should regret
Don't freeze to the core
Live by a jungle law
Scavenge for power
Go eagerly to war

Where would we go
Who would we be
If I am an island
If this is all my land?
Where would we go
Who could we be
If this all was here
For you and me?

(c) Music and lyrics by Anna Chen.
Performed by Anna Chen, Martin Anthony, Charles Shaar Murray