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John Mendels(s)ohn - legendary rock journalist and author, rock star and website designer - he designed my website. For John's Blog, click here

Sukey Parnell - immensely talented photographer and good mate who took the two outside shots above

Anna May Wong Society A huge thank you to the Wongettes at the AMWS who keep an wonderful archive of AMW images. It's difficult to track such old material but they have proved to be an excellent resource for scholars, artists and fans. Go visit!

Bob Carlos Clarke - legendary photographer who shot the catsuit image

Vivienne Westwood - designed the catsuit

LJ Rich - Techno-geek and Virgin Media digital agony aunt. Also, my comedy buddy.

Greg Palast - investigative journalist and Sam Spade figure who exposed the theft of the presidency in Florida, 2000.

Mike Haskins - webmaster and journalist. Contact

Rock's Back Pages - work from the golden age of music writing by star writers such as Charles Shaar Murray and John Mendels(s)ohn.

Ned Raggett Ponders It All. Music lover, foodie and all-round good guy.

Phil Ryan - Storm Productions

One St Ives - Steve McIntosh's comprehensive coverage of all things St Ives

Michael Atavar - Artists' advisor and artist

Stewart Lee - author and comedian. Director and librettist on Jerry Springer, The Opera

Senses of Cinema - an online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema

James Marsters Live - James Marsters' website. Picture of James (Spike from Buffy) getting blues guitar tips from Charles Shaar Murray. For more pix click here

Alessandro - The Menace From Venice. Guitarist and singer.

Kazuko Hohki - Former Frank Chicken, writer, performer and director.

Battersea Arts Centre - Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TN

Emma Wee - Theatre designer

Kitty Winter - Movement director for Taikonaut

Cos Chapman - Sound designer for Taikonaut

Francis Stevenson - Lighting designer for Taikonaut