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anna chen stand-up comedy washington comie mommyAnna Chen's first stand-up comedy gig. Click on pic for video. For more videos, click on Gallery. For photos of Anna's stand-up, click here


Anna Chen BBC R4 HosClick on pic for photos of the launch of Anna's recent groundbreaking BBC Radio 4 series about the history of the Chinese in Britain


Anna Chen GrudgeClick on The Grudge Lonely Heart for Madam Miaow's short movie. To see all short movies click on Gallery.


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LATEST: Anna is a featured poet at the Farrago Christmas Slam at the RADA Café, Malet Street, London WC1E 7H. 7.30pm, Thursday 16th December 2010.

The Forum, BBC World Service Sunday 14th November, 9am. Anna is one of the panel alongside Professor Dimitar Sasselov, talking about super-earths, and Kwame Anthony Appiah who'll be discussing how notions of honour changed history. Anna will be taling about Anna May Wong and the changing perception of the Chinese in the West.

Oxford University Poetry Society (OUPS) presents Anna Chen, Thursday 28th October 2010. A one hour set to launch the 2010/11 season. Mary Ogilvie Theatre St Anne's College.
OUPS website: Anna Chen
OUPS Facebook Page

Was featured poet at the Farrago Summer Poetry Slam last Thursday, 5th August at the RADA Café in London. Lots of fun. You can view the video of my set here.

Did my third net news round-up for Sky News on Tuesday 3rd August, for the 7pm show, Looks like this is turning into a regular monthly gig.

VIDEOS. Anna performs two acoustic raps from Anna May Wong Must Die! at the St Ives Arts Festival lunchtime sessions in Norway Square. With Charles Shaar Murray on slide guitar and Buffalo Bill Smith on harmonica.

The first public outing for Yellowface


NEW ANNA MAY WONG MUST DIE! PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It will feature news, articles, dates, videos and pix, and can be viewed here

Anna Chen, Anna May Wong, Anna May Wong Must Die


It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to a variety of different views into the world of Anna Chen: actor, playwright, poet, singer, songwriter, comic, cineaste and martial artist.

Anna was the first homegrown British Chinese comedienne to appear on UK television via a guest appearance on Stewart Lee & Richard Herring's Fist Of Fun on BBC2, and in 1994 she became the first east asian woman comic to write and perform her own show for the theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Suzy Wrong - Human Cannon was, like its creator, challenging, insightful, witty, politically informed, transgressive to the toenails, thought-provoking and very, very funny. (Suzy Wrong pix here)

These truths, which we hold to be self-evident, were duly recognised with a blizzard of ecstatic reviews (find a selection under Press) praising Ms Chen for her formidable wit, ingenuity and intellectual prowess. Suzy Wrong was followed by an all-too-brief outing of I, Imelda, and The Opium Wars, a stand-up comedy show about, well, the Opium Wars in the 19th century. There are occasional sightings of Madam Miaow for the eagle-eyed, while 2009 sees her new show Anna May Wong Must Die! take off.

Anna has written and presented for radio, and her play, Red Guard, Yellow Submarine, was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in November 2004. She wrote and presented the acclaimed groundbreaking ten-part history series, Chinese In Britain, and her half-hour profile of Hollywood's first screen legend, Anna May Wong: A Celestial Star In Piccadilly, was broadcast earlier this year. More commissions have been confirmed for 2010.

She is currently working on her first novel Coolie, a tale of the Chinese workers who built the first transcontinental railroad across America. "I started writing about this in 1993 so it's already taken longer than the construction of the actual railroad."

By the way, she's also a magnificent chef, hell on wheels in quizzes and a formidable authority on all things cinematic, but it was when I saw her making really good shadow animals that I realised I was in the presence of true genius....

-- Charles Shaar Murray

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